Levontin Zipora Feige
Born: 1855
Birth Place: Russia, Mogilev
Immigrated: 1903
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1937
Hacohen Hilell
Levontin ehuda Leib Cohen
Levontin (Zussman Epstein) Kreine Leah
    Levontin Zipora Feige   Levontin (Levontin) Zalman David    
Children:   Levontin Moshe    Levontin Mordechai    Levontin Meshoulam    Yakobson (Levontin) Roza Shoshana    Levontin Nechemia    Levontin Eliyahu    Levontin Hillel    Horowitz (Levontin) Pnina

Ziporah Feige Levontin was born in Mohilev, Russia. When her husband, Zalman David Levontin, came to Eretz Israel to found Rishon Le Zion, she stayed behind in Russia with her first-born son.
Although she was not highly educated she ran her home as its mistress and her children later received higher education.
In 1903 she came to Eretz Israel together with her husband and children and settled in Jaffa. She was active in charity work such as in helping poor brides, visiting the sick and collecting for the needy.
When she died she was buried in the old cemetery in Rishon Le Zion.