Cohen Menachem
Born: 1874
Birth Place: Russia, Mogilev
Immigrated: 1891
Arrived: 1901
Occupation: farmer
Departed to:
Died: 1942
HaCohen Yehoshua
Medalya Mordechai
Medalya (Shfran) Liba
    Cohen Menachem   Cohen (Bralnitzky, Medalia) Miriam Mina Malca    
Children:   Cohen Yehoshua    Cohen Yirmiyahu    Cohen Mordechai    Cohen Boaz    Cohen Amram    Rubashkin (Cohen) Shoshana

Menachem Cohen was born in Russia, in the Mohilov disctrict, in the town Bihov.
He immigrated to Eretz Israel with his family in 1891. He settled I n Kastina (Beer Tuvia) and was a farmer.
In 1901, following his marriage to Mania Miriam Bralnitzky, he moved to Rishon Le-Zion.
He was a farmer, wine and orange grower and also planted tobacco.
During WWI he used to ride on his donkey on errands from the village to Jerusalem and often endangered his life doing so. He was a member of the "Village Committee in 1919 and a member of the City Council from 1926-1927; was a member of the "Farmers' Fund"; on the board of the "Halvaah Vehisahon" bank and served in the Bnei Brit office. Many times he was appointed guardian of orphans and widows and cared for them because of true concern for their welfare.