Yudelevitch Reuven
Born: 1862
Birth Place: Russia,
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, vintner, founder
Departed: 1927
Departed to: Israel, Tel Aviv
Died: 1933
Belonging to Group
Yudelevitch Yehuda
Yudelevitch Duba
Weisel Avraham
Weisel Sara Rivka
    Yudelevitch Reuven   Yudelevitch Batya    
Children:   Yedelevitch (Dr. Morris Young) Moshe    Cleinard (Yudelevitch) Rachel    Yudelevitch Yosef    Yudelevitch Avraham    Yudelevitch Yaakov    Sussman Hadassa    Yudelevitch Avshalom    Hayman (Yudelevitch) Miriam    Stahl (Yudelevitch) Dvora

The founder Reuven Yudelevitch was born in Kremenchug, Russia. He was one of a group of people from Kremenchug that were sent by Zalman David Levontin to Eretz Israel to prepare the groundwork for the establishment of a Jewish village. He came to the country in 1882 on the same boat that brought a group of members of the Bilu organization. He helped them generously after all their money was stolen.
In Jaffa he joined the "Committee of the First Pioneers" and bought an area of land from Zvi Levontin, one of the founders of Rishon Le Zion.
Reuben Yudelevitch was one of the more "liberal" members of the village, i.e. a supporter of the Biluim. He played an active role in the life of the village: is a signator to its first charter. He was responsible for the outside connections of the village: responsible for the order and cleanliness in the village streets and for the well being of the settlers: a signator to the request for help to the Baron Rothschild and to the request to the Baron's official Hazan to take down the stage in the synagogue that had been especially installed for the Baron’s officials: a founder of the literary society’s “Reading Evening”.
Reuven Yudelevitch participated in the building of Tel Aviv and after 45 years of activity in the village of Rishon Le Zion he moved to the new town.
When he died he was brought for burial in the old cemetery in Rishon Le Zion.