Toporovski (Ferber) Kreine Atara
Born: 1871
Birth Place: Russia,
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1930
Farber Shmuel
Farber Leah Sarah
Toporovski Michal
Toporovski Gittel
    Toporovski (Ferber) Kreine Atara   Toporovski Itzhak Leib    
Children:   Sneider (Toporovski) Rachel Leah    Mirony Luftas (Miranski, Toporovsky) Rivka    Pross (Toporovski) Zehava Zlatta    Hausdorf (Toporovski) Hava    Toporovski Aharon    Katz (Toporovski) Miriam    Rozenfeld (Toporovski) Esther    Toporovski Moshe    Parpari (Toporovski) Bat Sheva

Kroene Atara Toporovsky was born in Bilisbetgrad, Russia. She came to the country and settled in Jerusalem. After she married Itzhak Leib she came from Jerusalem to Rishon Le Zion and set up her home there. She was an educated woman - well over the norm at that time. She read and wrote Yiddish, subscribed to a Yiddish newspaper and would read the news aloud to her friends. She was a religious woman who stuck srictly to religious practices.