Toporovski Itzhak Leib
Born: 1860
Birth Place: Russia,
Immigrated: 1879
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, blacksmith
Departed to:
Died: 1938
Belonging to Group
Toporovski Michal
Toporovski Gittel
Farber Shmuel
Farber Leah Sarah
    Toporovski Itzhak Leib   Toporovski (Ferber) Kreine Atara    
Children:   Sneider (Toporovski) Rachel Leah    Mirony Luftas (Miranski, Toporovsky) Rivka    Pross (Toporovski) Zehava Zlatta    Hausdorf (Toporovski) Hava    Toporovski Aharon    Katz (Toporovski) Miriam    Rozenfeld (Toporovski) Esther    Toporovski Moshe    Parpari (Toporovski) Bat Sheva

The founder, Itzhak Leib Toporovsky, was born in Biktrinoslev, Russia. In 1876, at the age of 16, he left his family home on his way to Eretz Israel via Constantinople, Turkey, where he worked as an apprentice to a blacksmith and built coppers. He was a founder of Rishon Le Zion and the youngest of the first settlers on the lands of Rishon Le Zion.
He was a farmer and blacksmith. As blacksmith of the young village he did all the ironmongering and welding. Also the local Arabs would bring him their tools for repair and their work animals for shoeing. In the course of time he became a specialist in the healing of animals and the purchase of cattle. He bored the first well in the village, the well at the bottom of the hill. For a while he was the expert in the locksmith's workshop in the winery. Together with others (Asher Levin, Shmuel Ostoshinsky) he redeemed land.
He played the saxaphone in the village orchestra. He set up the first movie house in the country and all his family helped in running it.