Wechsler Moshe
Born: 1848
Birth Place: Romania, Iasi
Immigrated: 1885
Arrived: 1885
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1911
Belonging to Group
Wechsler Haim
    Wechsler Moshe   Wechsler Lipsha    
        Wechsler Hanna Feige Other Partner
Children:   Wechsler Hanoch Hanik    Wechsler Mordechai    Segal (Wechsler) Rivka    Segal (Wechsler) Bat Sheva    Wechsler Aharon    Wechsler Ephraim Yosef    Wechsler Haya Sarah

Moshe Wechsler was born in Yassi, Moldavia to a family of Hassidic rabbis. As a coin-changer, he became an expert in antique coins.
He was one of the first members of the "Hibat Zion" (Lovers of Zion) movement and in 1885 immigrated to Eretz Israel, settled in Rishon Le-Zion and became a winegrower.
To his credit are numerous public activities: signatory of the second Book of Regulations (1897); supervisor of the public bath and "Mikveh"; member of the Village Committee. In 1903 he served as head of the Committee.