Hillel Naftali Avraham
Born: 1848
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, arbitrator, vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1906
Belonging to Group
Hillel Hillel
Hillel Pesya
Fallik Alter
    Hillel Naftali Avraham   Hillel (Falik) Rachel Leah    
Children:   Weinzweig (Hillel) Haya Bluma    Hillel Itzhak    Hillel Hillel

The founder Naftali Avraham Hillel was born in Rumania in the township of Podol-Ilui near to Yassy, capital of the Moldavian Princeship. He received a strong Hassidic education and so he remained to the end of his days. When he married he moved to Yassy and went into the tobacco business in tobacco leaves and cigarette paper. Later he engaged in collecting government taxes from the farmers.
In 1882 he came to the Land of Israel, landed at Jaffa and with Zalman David Levontin he conceived the idea of founding the "Committee of the First Pioneers". He was a founding member of Rishon Le Zion and a signatory to its first charter. He was a farmer and a vinter. His vineyard was known for its excellence on account of his perfectionism and professionalism in administering it.
To his credit Naftali Hillel played an active role in the public life of the village. He was a member of the school committee between 1900-1902 when the school programme was set up, a member of the village committee and in 1897-1898 he was the chairman of theFrom time to time he would make a journey to Rumania to his rebbe, Reb Itzele Mibuhosh, to imbibe some holy inspiration and "hassiduth". On one of his visits he was taken ill and died and was buried on foreign soil.