d'Arbela Itzhak
Born: 1847
Birth Place: Ukraine, Poltava
Immigrated: 1887
Arrived: 1888
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: doctor
Departed to: Israel, Jerusalem
Died: 1911
Buried: Tunis
Belonging to Group
Amchislavsky Yaakov
Amchislavsky Tzipa Leah
    d'Arbela Itzhak      

Dr Itzhak d'Arbela (Amchislavsky) was born in the Ukraine. He studied there in high school and university and graduated his medical studies as a doctor in Paris. He was invited to Zanzibar to serve as the Sultan's physician and there he changed his name from Amchislavsky to D-Arbella taking the name of a small island which he received as a gift from the Sultan in respect of his services.
Later he returned to Paris, was introduced to the Baron Rothschild who sent him to act as doctor in Rishon Le Zion and the surrounding villages. He fulfilled this post for one year and received an area of land and a vineyard in respect of his services.
When he was invited to serve as head physician in the Rothschild hospital in Jerusalem, and despite the open supplication by the people of Rishon Le Zion in the pages of the "Ha-Zvi" newspaper as well as a personal request that he stay on with them, he left for Jerusalem. D-Arbella was proficient in 12 languages. In Jerusalem he was elected President of the "Safa Berura" (Hebrew Language)