Belkind (Segal) Nehama
Born: 1900
Birth Place: Israel, Petah Tiqva
Arrived: 1906
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: piano teacher
Departed to:
Died: 1985
Belonging to Group
Segal Mordechay Yoel
Segal (Lubman) Rivka
Belkind Shimshon
Belkind (Freiman) Pnina
    Belkind (Segal) Nehama   Belkind Eitan    
Children:   Alroy (Belkind) Olga    Belkind Naaman

Nehama Belkind was born in Petah Tikva. She came to Rishon Le Zion with her parents at the age of six. She studied at the local elementary school ("Haviv"). For many years she studied piano in Tel Aviv and continued with the pianist Vinche Knaiz. She was one of the kindergarten teachers. From 1935 and for many years she would accompany the rhythmics classes and celebrations in the kindergrten. Many of the children in the village studied piano and theory of music with her in her home.