Pohatchevsky Meir
Born: 1922
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, company manager
Departed to:
Died: 2014
Belonging to Group
Pohatchevsky Assa'el
Pohatchevsky Ada Ida
Rosenthal Baruch Eliyahu
Rosenthal Yete Edit
    Pohatchevsky Meir   Pohatchevsky (Rosenthal) Josephine    
Children:   Yaniv (Pohatchevsky) Atzmon Daniel    Roiter (Pohatchevsky) Varditte Sharon    Yaniv (Pohatchevsky) Yaron David

Meir Pohatchevsk was born in Rishon Le zion. He studied at the local elementary school (Haviv) in the village, at the American Academy in Cyprus and at the Mikve Israel agricultural school. He worked as a storekeeper in the British Army Camp in Sarafand. He was a member of the "Ha-Orez" fruit packers association and worked as a citrus fruit packer until the War of In dependence.
From an early age he was a member of Maccabi Tsair amd of the "Hagana". He participated in the sestablishment of the ll settlements in the Negev on the evening after the Yom Kippur fast in 1947 and helped set up the stockade of Kibbutz Beeri. As a soldier in the 52nd battalion of the Givati Brigade he participated in many battles during the War of Independence, among them at Beth Darass, Bab-el-Waad, Nachshon campaign to open the route to Jerusalem, Yad Mordehai, Nitzanim, Negba, Metzudat Yoav et.
After his release he worked on his father's farm with the agricultural mahcinery that hgis father, Asael Pohatchevsky, was the first to import. He later set up an agricultural company together