Shiloni (Slonik) Asher
Born: 1920
Birth Place: Poland, Staszow
Immigrated: 1936
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 2003
Slonik Moshe Laib
Slonik Faigele
Yekutiely (Zussmanovitch) Haviv
Yekutiely (Ben Zeev) Adlaida Ada
    Shiloni (Slonik) Asher   Shiloni (Yekutiely) Bracha    
Children:   Shiloni Amnon

Asher Shiloni was born in Satshub, Poland. He studied in the "heder", the "Beit Yosef" yeshiva and in the yeshiva in the Polish-German city, Bialsko-Bialah. When he completed his studies, he returned to his home town and joined the "Young Agudat Israel" movement, was instructor in the "Pirchei Ha'aguda" (cadets) youth movement and later joined the socialist movement of the "Workers of Agudat Israel".
In 1936 he immigrated to Eretz Israel and lived with his parents in Me'ah Shearim in Jerusalem. Two years later he joined the "Shomer Hatzair" in Hadar Ramatayim (today Kibbutz Ein Dor). He worked in the village's orange groves, paved roads in the British army base near Kibbutz Negba and the road to the Kfar Saba police and more.
In 1941 he was recruited to the "Palmach" and for 4 years served in the work and training camps in Yagur, Eilon, Ramat Yochanan and Kinneret kibbutzim.
After his marriage to Bracha Yekutieli the couple settled in Holon. In 1947 Asher Shiloni began working as landscape gardener for the municipality. He studied additional training at the Rupin Seminary for Agriculture and became a "certified gardener".
As a member of the "Hagana" he kept a "slik" (arms cache) in his home which served the soldiers of the "Nahshon Campaign" during the War of Independence. He participated in the defense operation of Holon and was recruited to "Zahal" when it was founded. During this period he complied with Ben Gurion's request to change his foreign family name to a Hebrew one.
During the 1960's he volunteered to help in the border settlements. In 1968 he was elected as member of the country's Council of the Landscape Gardeners Division in the Agricultural Workers' Union. Later he became a member of managerial board of the country's Gardeners' Organization, a branch of the Agricultural Center. He published articles on gardening in the "Gan Venof" journal.
Between 1974 and 1979 he worked within the framework of "Pasah" (Removal, Welfare, Fallen Soldiers) in time of emergency from the period of the Pasah organization's founding in the Ministry of Interior. In the years 1976 to 1988 he volunteered to the Civil Guard. At the same time, he was a member of the secretariat of the Holon's Workers Committee, member of the secretariat of the city's "Mapam" branch (United Workers Party) and a member of the secretariat o f Holon's Workers Council.
In 1976, upon the request of Mayor Pinkas Eylon, he established the city's historical archive department in memory of Hertzfeld and managed it until his retirement after 7 years.
His journalistic work continued for thirty years (1963-1993): he was the local and national reporter on municipal matters in the "Al Hamishmar" newspaper and a member of its editorial board; a reporter in the "Davar" newspaper under the pen name "A.S. Amnon"; published many articles in magazines and local newspapers in Holon and Rishon Le-Zion and among other things, dealt a lot with the "Shomron" ethnic group in Holon and Nablus. In 1980 Asher Shiloni was awarded the "Media Prize" from the local government and Ministry of Interior for his series of articles in the "Al Hamishmar" newspaper on the subject of urban renewal of the Jesse Cohen neighborhood in Holon- the neighborhood where he also did volunteer work. In 1988 he was dedicated the medal of "Benefactor of the Holon Histadrut" (Labor Union) and in 1997 he was decorated the honor of "Benefactor of Holon".
In his later years he was a member of the country's Journalism Association, a member of the secretariat of the "Hagana Members ' Organization" in Holon and a member in the "Dor Hapalmach (Generation) Organization".
Asher Shiloni published nine books: "The Man and his Work" – memoirs of Pinkas Eylon; two books of original proverbs; "His Character and Image" and "Walking on Tiptoe" and two books containing a collection of his articles; a children's book "Meow, a Great Cat"; participated (together with Emanuel Aharoni) in the publishing of "Holot Vetel" - the story of the "Hagana" in Holon and Mikveh Israel; edited "From Prague to Holon", a memoirs booklet of Dr. Haim Kugel, the mayor of Holon; "Stashov, Berlin, Jerusalem" – family memoirs; another proverb book: "And he Shall Rule Him".
In 1994, upon invitation by the government's Journalism Bureau, he was present at the signing of the Peace Accord with Jordan.