Toporovski Moshe
Born: 1906
Residence in the Village: Toporovsky's farmyard (private)
Departed to:
Died: 1950
Toporovski Itzhak Leib
Toporovski (Ferber) Kreine Atara
Azulay Avraham
Azulay Malca
    Toporovski Moshe   Toporovski (Azulay) Yehudit    
Children:   Shadmon (Toporovski) Atara    Osterweil Glass (Toporovski) Batya    Amit (Toporovski) Esther    Toporovski Itzhak

Moshe Toporovsky was born in Rishon Le Zion. He owned a citrus grove and vineyard. His home was built in the Toporovsky yard. He died of a prick from a lemon thorn (Tetanus) when he was still young.