Meirovitch Yigal
Born: 1924
Birth Place: Israel, Tel Aviv
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: lawyer
Departed to:
Died: 1997
Meirovitch Bar Kochva
Meirovitch (Levin) Rachel
Levontin Eliyahu
Levontin Devora Dusya
    Meirovitch Yigal   Meirovitch (Levontin) Rina    
Children:   Meirovitch Adiel    Meirovitch Ran

Igaal Meirovitch was born in Rishon Lezione. A lawyer by profession.He is a graduate of the High School "Hertzelia" in Tel Aviv. He studied law at the University of London and completed his studies in Eretz Israel. He was active in the "Haganah". He served in the British Army in Egypt and Italy. He was a camp commander of Holocaust survivors and volunteers at Marseille, France.
During the War of Independence, he commanded the immigrants' ship whose passengers arrived directly to active duty.
He served in the army as an officer in the navy and in - the army spokesman's bureau. He participated in all the wars of Israel.
He terminated his military service with the rank of lieutenant colonel.
He established the Development Loan Enterprise (Bonds) in London and .
Has the manager there.
He served as the Economic Envoy in the Israeli embassy in London and as a Director in the Board of the "Chevra Le Israel" and the Bank "Ha' Sapanut".