Eizenband (Varchavsky) Mindel
Birth Place: Russia
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer
Departed to: France
Buried: France
Varchavsky Naoum
Varchavsky (Toporowski) Sophie
Eizenband Reuven
    Eizenband (Varchavsky) Mindel   Eizenband Levi Itzhak    
Children:   Eizenband Shimon Simon    Eizenband Nahum    Eizenband Shamai    Eizenand Betty    Eizenband Berl    Eizenband Ben Tzion    Eizenband Bracha    Eizenband Rachel

Mindel Eizenband was born in Russia. Together with her family she came Rishon Lezion and here she bore the burden and difficulties of life as the other founders underwent at that time.
She was the first woman to work in the vineyard with her husband and thus served as a role model for her friends.
After their estate has been sold, following the rebellion against the baron's officials, she left with her husband and children to Russia and together with him returned after a while to Eretz Israel. After his death in, 1889, she moved with her children to Paris. And so writes D. Yudilevitz: "and it has to be admitted that at the Eizenbands' in Paris the tradition of Zion loving has continued and all veterans of the new settlement in Eretz Israel when having passed via Paris, found at the home mom Eizenband a 'piece of Rishon Lezion'.
All boys and girls ... always treated the Eretz Israeli guests, softly and gently "(D. Yudilevitz, Rishon Lezion 1882-1941, p 33).
About the warm liaison with Rishon Lezion, writes Mindel Eizenband from Paris (1912): "--- I have not forgotten a thing of the past and I will never forget, even though I live in Paris, but my heart, my feelings and my mind are in Eretz Israel where I worked sweating, alongside my husband; the land where we put the first stone of our house's foundation, where I planted the first flower bed in the vegetable garden and as long as I live, I'll never forget my life in Rishon" (Yiddish source: EM Freeman, Jubilee, Volume II, p 252).